What We Do


PhilCorr LLC is a Corrugated sheet feeder that has been in operation since September 1995.

The business model is to support a small group of corrugated paper manufacturers with corrugated sheets that give them an edge over their competitors. These manufactures each own an equal share in our corrugated sheet feeder.

Currently, PhilCorr has 5 owners, which consist of 9 different shipping locations in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic region.

Since inception, we have reinvested over 30 million dollars in capital improvements. Our major capital investments were in; State of the art corrugator replacement, Building expansions, and Solar Energy.

PhilCorr is over 150,000 sq feet of manufacturing space. It houses a Fosber 98” Corrugator capable of producing over 1.5 billion square feet annually.

PhilCorr produces approximately half of its annual electrical needs with a roof top 1.2 MW Solar System consisting of nearly 3,600 solar panels.

PhilCorr inventories a vast supply of paper in a multitude of grades and sizes, to meet our owner’s and customer’s needs.
We supply single wall grades in C, B and E Flutes and provide several double wall combinations. All can be produced in traditional Mullen and ECT grades. We also supply combined board grades for producing Point of Purchase corrugated displays, 100% post-consumer recycled, light weight high performance combinations. We can also produce, in line, specialty coatings for the industrial, produce and seafood industry.

Our motto is Excellence is a Habit, and our mission at PhilCorr is to safely produce a quality product and deliver it on time, every time.

And we’ve been doing this since 1995!